Bonsai Room Diffuser

Bonsai Room Diffuser
Bonsai Room Diffuser
Bonsai Room Diffuser
Bonsai Room Diffuser
Bonsai Room Diffuser
Bonsai Room Diffuser
Bonsai Room Diffuser

Bonsai Room Diffuser

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An ingenious meld of Scandinavian and Japanese. Takafumi Nemoto worked with us to develop the fragrance. Bonsai has a discreet floral scent with notes of green tea and bergamot and a hint of sweetness from mandarin and orange. The central tone is gently herbal, with fresh forest scents and a hint of musk and amber. MATERIAL

Fragrance Tree: Natural rattan.
Ceramic Vase: Stoneware.
Fragrance: Alcohol derat, water (aqua), dipropylene glycol, fragrance.

Cloud Tree: 0.5” Dia x 12” W x 12” H
Vase: 6” W x 2” D x 3” H
Fragrance: 150ml (5.28oz)

Product Care
Wipe with damp cloth.

Takafumi Nemoto

Takafumi Nemoto was born in Japan He has worked as a designer and business planner for a manufacturer of car components Since he graduated from his Master’s in product design at ECAL (École Canto- nale d’Art de Lausanne), his studio has predominantly designed electronic products in Tokyo He works from an actively global perspective with local references since he lived in Singapore and Switzerland He was awarded “Young Japanese Design Talent” 2015 by EDIDA / ELLE DÉCOR, and “LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT 2017”, where he represented Saitama Prefecture

“In Japan, it’s traditional to represent the contemporary world and link it to the past. Decorating with braided thread is a reminder of this connection through time. Scent sticks are also a symbol of future success as they carry the scent of traditional philosophy and embody it,” Takafumi Nemoto explains.
Takafumi Nemoto presents a tree, a fragrant sculpture made from hand-knotted rattan, reminiscent of classic Japanese craft tradition. A vase with in stoneware contains a scented oil that does not smell like a perfume, but naturally fresh like a room that’s just been aired. Here, Japanese exploration of the senses and Scandinavian design combine.
Takafumi started with a bundle of rattan, which he found in a corner of his workshop that made him wonder why scent sticks are always straight and a little boring. If they were instead designed in soft and flowing shapes, the scent would be preserved for longer and they could double as a decorative tree sculpture.

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