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A Knotty Trio

Cushion with a unique character, based on sculptural form instead of patterns. The collection features 3 sizes & 10 colors to be used as couch cushions, floor cushions or seat cushions to add more coziness to your space.

Knot Floor Cushion


Floor & Couch Cushions

The Knot Collection

Knot is made from a knitted tube, several meters in length, which is then tied up to create a compact knot that is as comfortable as a support in the sofa as it is elegant to behold.

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Award Winning Design

That Makes You Smile

Thanks to its strong design, Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir’s Knot cushion belongs to the exclusive group of products that remain in one’s memory.

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Our customers' love DHS!

Flip table is flipping awesome.
Relaxing aesthetics coupled with its multipurpose utility, Its simply amazing.
Christian Joy
Mount Shasta, CA
Very sleek, very modern & very comfortable.
I love the vibe, swivel wick chair adds to my work space.
Jordan Gray
Los Angeles, CA
I love it. I just simply love it.
It feels very premium & very pristine.
Jay Sharma
Houston, TX
My routine is much more focused now.
Acro table helps reduce all unnecessary noises at work.
Carrie Tyson
Bronx, NY
Just finished upgrading my home office space.
I am over the clouds & super motivated to start my day.
Alejandra López
New York City, NY
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