Lasso Mirror - Round

Lasso Mirror - Round
Lasso Mirror - Round
Lasso Mirror - Round
Lasso Mirror - Round
Lasso Mirror - Round
Lasso Mirror - Round

Lasso Mirror - Round

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The Lasso Mirror Collection by Axel Bjurström has reduced all elements of a wall-hung mirror to their bare essentials, assembled in a unified and functional design. The mirror is fastened with a rope that is threaded through two inserts on a metal plate on the back, and then secured to the knob with a special set-up. Three spacers keep the mirror flush to the wall.

Mirror: Glass in 4.7 mm.
Back Plate: Black powder coated galvanized iron.
Rope: Nylon.
Knob: Solid oak.

19.7”Diam. x 1”D

Product Care
Wipe with damp cloth.

Axel Bjurström

Axel Bjurström has a keen eye for everyday objects Can they be improved, tweaked, and made desirable once again? Whether it’s a mirror with a lasso or a flat screen TV on an easel, Axel is always on the lookout for a hidden feature to bring out, in an effort to bring a fresh voice to the materials and functionality He first became interested in design while working as a project manager for the fashion company Filippa K Since graduating from the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in 2007, Axel Bjurström has worked on interior architecture and all kinds of product design Today his primary focus is on furniture, where his straightforward and functional designs keep the Scandinavian tradition alive and well “A strong contemporary trend is to make the office feel like home I really don't think the dichotomy between work and home is very relevant anymore” Axel Bjurström has received the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award twice, first as Newcomer of the Year in 2012, and then for Best Chair in 2015

That mirror on the wall reveals your truest self: let it be perfectly honest and charmingly flattering all at once. With the Lasso Mirror collection, Axel Bjurström has reduced all parts of a wall-hung mirror to the bare essentials, which are then assembled in a unified and functional design. No frame, just the mirror itself, assembled to form a tactile and appealing whole.
“What more do you need than a rope, a knob, and a reflective surface to put a mirror on the wall?” asks Axel. “Just tighten the lasso somewhat around the middle of the glass, thread it through the inserts on the back and secure it to the wall with the knob, and you have a tactile contrast between textile softness and perfect metallic shiny glass.” Axel notes that mirrors are often hung as an afterthought, with just a wire attached to the back. In the Lasso Mirror, that attachment is the unifying design concept, and as illustrative as the mirror itself. The rope seems to be thrown, like a lasso, then tightened and – despite its softness – imprinted in the glass. Three spacers keep the mirror flush against the wall, and an ingenious attachment ensures that it will stay fixed to the knob. “It’s all about the materials: grained wood, a soft textile, and hard glass. I wanted to reveal all the opposites and bring them into a simple, perfect relationship with an organic expression.” The thick woven textile rope gripping the glass can also hold a note, card, or any kind of reminder. Choose a spherical or rectangular Lasso Mirror; knobs in solid oak. 

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