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Frame Small
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Frame Small
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Frame Small

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An open shelving system in 4 different versions. Frame will highlight instead of hiding away books, a stereo, flowers, and any kind of treasures. The light yet extremely stable construction is easily assembled with just a hex key.

Includes one adjustable shelf and one tray to reconfigure at will.

Unit: Solid oak, solid brass.
Shelves: White lacquered MDF.
Tray: Solid oak, white lacquered MDF.

16.61"L x 15.35"D x 22.83"H

Product Care
Wipe with damp cloth.

Harald Hermanrud

Harald Hermanrud received the Formland Design Award 2017 and Monocle Magazine’s Best in Class 2019 after having premiered his shelving system in 2016 His light yet sturdy modular shelving system won its popularity as a furniture piece for modern living spaces that could be positioned as a backdrop as well as a centerpiece in itself With a degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Design School, Harald Hermanrud decided to add studies for cabinetmaker to his curriculum While approaching design as a problem solver, he combines the principles embedded in Danish design tradition with his own senses for materiality and craftsmanship ‘Shelving systems are often difficult to change, Frame on the contrary is very easy to reconfigure: the design lets one move the shelves around on different levels without any tools Do create your personal look: frame minor objects or let major ones shoot out through the construction, whatever you fancy’ After having managed production and orders all by himself, Frame now reaches a larger audience through Design House Stockholm Although quite Danish and Scandinavian, since Frame is made all in wood with a focus on the joinery, there is also a twist ’By exposing the brass nuts you add a glossy shiny detail that show off the construction in order to see and understand how it is actually made and assembled I think that honesty make people relate to the design, something I think is very essential and characteristic in my design language No unnecessary thing, just the works’ 

Highlight your latest acquisitions, your treasures. Expose your personality through your most beloved objects. Let vases with flowers, sculptures, even lamps shoot through the open construction.

‘Architecture is changing with modern spaces where floor to ceiling glass walls and built-in closets requires open and transparent shelving systems that doesn't shade the daylight while also creating a platform for decoration,’ says Harald Hermanrud, ‘Frame will fit well against a wall, as a back to a sofa, as room dividers or as freestanding units. Frame is the perfect furniture system to display rather than storage, and Harald Hermanrud see his design as a comment on social media, the need to express ones personality in order to fit into a culture. A physical, long lasting and transformable platform for people to use in their homes. And with the user adding the final touch by distributing shelves and boxes through the easily reconfigured shelving system. The real world showing its strength instead of the virtual domain. ’I saw a need to put things on display, and I wanted to give people the opportunity to create the perfect scene for their most valued artworks, LP’s, books, and plants all by themselves.’

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